I have had people asking me: “what’s shortcode?”, whenever they hear it. Well, shortcodes are those codes you get text messages from, asking you to subscribe by sending a name or a code to that same code at a subscription fee of say #50 monthly. Examples of shortcodes are: 33114, 7877, 56743, etc. Those messages you receive from such numbers that you assume have been coming from telecom providers like mtn, glo, etc, are not actually from them. Most of such messages come from individuals like you and I. It’s what you too can do. All you need do is set up your own shortcode, get an audience who are interested in what you do, and have them send money to your bank account monthly by simply subscribing to your shortcode. This is a very strategic way of making money. It can be used for football prediction, election results prediction, voting, sending unique information to your subscribers, etc. The use is endless. You may be having an audience who want to learn about the stuffs you’ve got, this is a very good way of having them send you money, while you teach them what you know. For more, contact us